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Blame it on the dress?

Dress for Success

You will often hear the phrase, visit this “Did you see what she had on.” Could you blame it on the polka dot floor length dress   ? ?                                                                                                            Dots Pleated Half Sleeve Women's Maxi Dress (Plus Size Available)

  or the chiffon maxi dress ??? that got her all the attention.Sleeveless Print Chiffon Women's Maxi Dress (Plus Size Available)

Making a fashion statement when you enter the room, be it for work, casual or a formal affair, tells a lot about how you feel about yourself. Make the most of that first impression!

Developing Your Plus Size Sets by Queen Bee Classics

Here are some examples of how to put together your Plus Size Fashion set. Sample sets are pictured below for your inspiration.

  1. Find the garment(s), visit web dress, pharmacy top, jacket, or skirt that complements your body type
  2. Choose the color(s), fabric, textures/designs
  3. Add accessories desired that will bring out your best features such as: shoes, purse.hat, jewelry, scarf, etc.

 Tomson Set 4


Tomson Set 5Tomson Blue Set

How to wear fall hat!

Fashionable Fall Hat


Rock a Red Skirt

Rock a red skirt!


The Wow Factor: Statement Coat

The Wow Factor: Statement Coats


White Dress

White Dress


Handsome Horses

Handsome Horses


Blooming Tropical

Blooming Tropical!

Zip It!

Zip It!

Lemon Yellow for the Lady

Lemon Yellow for the Lady...
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