When Was I Called Stout?YUCK!

The Fashion term has been changed from Stout to Plus Size which was first used in 1942 and is now used in most countries. Yippee! Plus size clothing is a fashion term for people over a certain size or proportion. It varies by demographics and location. It is generally used to identify sizes 12-24 and/or 4X-6X, look and sizes 7X and up, according to a partial article cited from Plus Model magazine. Some sizes are interchangeable with the use of W (for Women).

Lane Bryant began selling in the 1920’s for the Stout Woman. A fashion revolution came in 1977-1998 after a study was released about the demise of the baby boomer’s Junior Market. The Mary Duffy Modeling Agency was the first to expand her agency to work with plus size models and petites.

There are designers who now include plus sizes in their collections. Major department stores are marketing their own brands. There are many styles that you can choose from to complement your plus size figure.