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Trending Colors and Fashions for Spring 2017

Trending Colors of Spring – Greenery
Now is the time to start thinking about your Spring wardrobe. If green is your color, medical that’s a plus. Because Pantone has done it again. Giving way to Spring means peeling off the layers of confine. Looking for the signs of new life and renewal. Make your green rock!

Pantone Greenery Spring 2017


Blame it on the dress?

Dress for Success

You will often hear the phrase, visit this “Did you see what she had on.” Could you blame it on the polka dot floor length dress   ? ?                                                                                                            Dots Pleated Half Sleeve Women's Maxi Dress (Plus Size Available)

  or the chiffon maxi dress ??? that got her all the attention.Sleeveless Print Chiffon Women's Maxi Dress (Plus Size Available)

Making a fashion statement when you enter the room, be it for work, casual or a formal affair, tells a lot about how you feel about yourself. Make the most of that first impression!

Processing the Journey

The Journey

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Man looks on the outer appearance, check but God looks at the heart. It was never my intention to be into clothing, health fashion, salve designing fashion sets, crafts, etc.

Looking back as a young girl, it was good to have a couple of sets of clothing to change into for school. I was accustomed to wearing this today and two days later wearing it again. Be it dress or skirt and top. Shoes? You wish. One pair for the whole year or until they wore out. I was privileged with a pair of tennis shoes for junior high PE . Whereas I learned how to turn a pair of black tennis shoes from the summer before into white.

I had an uncle who came to live with us when his mother died. He was young and very industrious. One day I noticed that he was drawing and painting pictures. Seeing that made me want to do the same. Trying to draw and never knowing the basics was not easy. Taking art class in school was just what it was — art class. No one ever showed me anything. I watched my uncle and did some improvising. I made my first fashion design in color using color pencils. I was fifteen years old when I sent away for information from the Art Instruction School (which is still in business) to take the test and get in art school by mail. I took the test, but didn’t get in because I was too young.

Determination is an awesome thing. Obstacles can get in your way, but with the right state of mind you can persevere. There was no money for nice art supplies. I kept drawing and used whatever was on hand. I even used notebook paper in place of artist drawing paper on occasion.

One year, there was a May Day celebration at school. I had to have a red skirt. My mother purchased some red fabric and made me a drindle skirt. She measured the cloth, cut out the skirt and a waist band. She didn’t have a pattern. We did not have a sewing machine. It had to be made by hand. It was sewn using very small stitches. I was amazed at her talent. I never knew my mother knew how to sew.

In the era I grew up in, all girls had to take home economics. This class consisted of teaching the skills of domesticity such as cooking and sewing. I leaned toward the sewing that the class offered. Each student in the class was assigned the task of making a shift dress. You bought a pattern for your size after measurements were taken. Material was a light weight cotton perma-press fabric. Other supplies were machine needles, pin cushion, sewing needle, thread, tracing paper, tracing wheel, and ruler. You went through the process of ironing out the pattern before cutting out and using it. There was the meticulous part of cutting out the pattern, pinning and tracing. During construction you pressed at every stage until you gained that complete and professional result at the final stage — the hand sown hem. Most of the Haute Couture designs use a lot of hand sewing techniques. Many of these same techniques are used in the fashion industry today.

During my high schools days I looked forward to going to home economics class. I went from sewing the shift dress which had the hook and eye closure for the back neck, to a dress with a zipper in the back, to finally a two piece suit with lining. When it was time to sign up for my last year of home economics, which was going to be great, I discovered that it had been abolished. Oh, my goodness. No more sewing and cooking classes. What a blow to my creative side. This would have been my crowning moment. A major accomplishment. All was not lost; I still could dream.

Respect Yourself!

You will be in this body for life! How you treat it matters. I think about how people abuse themselves all their lives and when they are older it show up in many ways. Your body reacts from the inside out. Skin tone may change, seek hair may get dry and brittle. Don’t say anything about teeth.. I am hopeful that all of my blog readers are taking care of themselves from the inside out. You have to be careful about what you eat and drink and do all things in moderation. So, enough said…. Respect yourself and live a long and fruitful life with hope and faith. Enjoy your life!

Developing Your Plus Size Sets by Queen Bee Classics

Here are some examples of how to put together your Plus Size Fashion set. Sample sets are pictured below for your inspiration.

  1. Find the garment(s), visit web dress, pharmacy top, jacket, or skirt that complements your body type
  2. Choose the color(s), fabric, textures/designs
  3. Add accessories desired that will bring out your best features such as: shoes, purse.hat, jewelry, scarf, etc.

 Tomson Set 4


Tomson Set 5Tomson Blue Set

Thankfulness is….

Just around the corner is the day that gets a lot of attention the last week of November. I’m sure you know the day I’m talking about is Thanksgiving Day. This day is not just about eating. It’s about fellowship, dosage and remembrance.  A lot  has been added to this celebrated day since that first 1621 meal that lasted three days. So why not remember where this day originated from and why we celebrate it.  Click on the link for the history of this day that is enjoyed nationally. Presented to you in video through the History Channel. Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day!!

Be Thankful Set

When Was I Called Stout-YUCK!

When Was I Called Stout?YUCK!

The Fashion term has been changed from Stout to Plus Size which was first used in 1942 and is now used in most countries. Yippee! Plus size clothing is a fashion term for people over a certain size or proportion. It varies by demographics and location. It is generally used to identify sizes 12-24 and/or 4X-6X, look and sizes 7X and up, according to a partial article cited from Plus Model magazine. Some sizes are interchangeable with the use of W (for Women).

Lane Bryant began selling in the 1920’s for the Stout Woman. A fashion revolution came in 1977-1998 after a study was released about the demise of the baby boomer’s Junior Market. The Mary Duffy Modeling Agency was the first to expand her agency to work with plus size models and petites.

There are designers who now include plus sizes in their collections. Major department stores are marketing their own brands. There are many styles that you can choose from to complement your plus size figure.

How to wear fall hat!

Fashionable Fall Hat


Making Scents with Crabtree & Evelyn

Making Scents With Crabtree & Evelyn


Rock a Red Skirt

Rock a red skirt!


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